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I’m Betha, a multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of design and technology. My work ranges from digital to physical design and anything in between.

I am currently working as at IBM iX London as a UX designer.

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Rethinking Electronics
The essay examines the impact of consumer electronics and argues that democratisation and decolonisation are essential for creating better design work in the future.

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People and Systems 
A service that encourages people to donate or buy electronic components sustainably, whilst teaching people with no experience to create their own projects.

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DIY Electronics
A kits that allows users to create electronics in any form they desire, within the set's given objective with readily available  materials.

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Project for Clear Channel
A research tool utilising data-driven design to create more equitable public spaces and improve access to healthy green spaces.

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Project for Mindworks (Greenpeace)
A conversation analysis automation process to visualise and organise the conclusion of conversations about the cost of living crisis.

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Empowering people to build better and more sustainable browsing habits.